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Line Dances for which I am still searching for a website link to listen to or purchase the music (not included in the total under Page One  -  47
I list below line dances for which I am still searching for a website link for listening to or purchase the audio track for the dance.  Many of the original cd's for these are out of production and probably can only be bought from rare and second hand sites such as E-Bay, Amazon, and Music Stack.


The artist above is Don Williams

About time  (Most Awesome 5 cd)
Addicted to love  (Line Dance Fever 6 cd)
Badda Boo! Badda Bang  (Barry Manilow Here at the Mayflower cd)
Be gentle with me (Line dance hits from Jukebox 1 cd)
Castaway Cha  (Eddy Raven Wild Eyed and Crazy cd)
D.I.Y.  (Dave Sheriff Line dance Top 10 cd)
Do the dance  (Line dance hits from Jukebox 1 cd)
Eating right and drinking bad  (Line Dance Fever 6 cd)
Empty Dreams  (British group Fools Gold cd)
Falling  (The No.1 Line dancing Album cd)
Fever  (Line Dance Fever 1 cd)
Forever an April fool  (Simply the Best Line dancing Album)
Hardwood Stomp  (Line dancing hits from Jukebox 1 cd)
Honky tonk stomp  (Various Line Up and Dance Volume Two cd)
Hooked on country  (I love linedancing 5678 cd)
Ice Breaker  (Line Dance Fever 2)
If only I could  (Adam Brand cd?)
Jade  (Most Awesome 7 cd)
Join the queue  (Line dance hits from Jukebox cd) 
Lamigo Cha 
Lightning strikes a good man down  (Most Awesome 4 cd)
Louisiana Hot Sauce  (I love line dancing 5678 cd)
Madalaina Smoothie  (Line dance hits from Jukebox 1 cd)
Mariano Mambo  (Chayanne Simplemente - Import cd)
Mexican Girl  (Most Awesome 8 cd)
Mexican Salsa  (Dave Sheriff Love to Line dance 4 cd)
New West cha cha  (Toe the line 3 cd)
Newer Pastures  (Dooly Parton Little Sparrows cd)
No Way Jose  (Dve Sheriff Line dance Top 10 cd)
Once upon a time  (Don Williams Country Classics cd)
Radio Romp  (The Woolpackers cd)
Rock this joint (Charlie daniels Band cd?)
Rodeo Rockers Shuffle  (The ultimate in dance cd)
Saddle Creek Boogie  (Dave Sheriff UK Line Dance Top 10 cd)
Saddle up Giddy up  (Line dance favourites cd)
Shanias Moment  (Shania Twain That don't impress me much cd single)
Shipwrecked  (Line dance fever 6 cd)
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Shuffle Rock  (Most Awesome 6 cd)
Strike it lucky  (British Group Fools Gold cd)
Sweet Maria  (Line dance Party 2 cd)
This must look bad (Line Dance hits from Jukebox 1 cd)
Titanic  (Celine Dion Immortality cd)
Tricky Moon (Most Awesome 1 cd)
Watch Out  (Most Awesome 5 cd)
Wind Ya Body  (Dave Sheriff Line Dance Top 10 cd)
Wranglers Butt  (Line Dance Fever 3 cd)