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Welcome to Line Dance Audio Music on website 

where you can find links to listen to line dance music numbers that are in the public domain, like all the audio music that is available free on internet websites. I also give links to audio tracks that can be purchased as an mp3 or as part of a compact disc.

I have entered on this site links to the music for all the Line Dance and Western Couple dances I have learn't since January 1997 at the various clubs I have attended or previously run, and also dances learn't when on Western Dance holidays.

Some audio tracks on this Line Dance Audio Music site are offered as free to listen to or download at some internet music web sites which have been placed there for evaluation and entertainment purposes, and as encouragement to support artists and purchase their music.  

Some of the music can be listened to on Spotify including some on Brian Carter profile.

Most of this music can be purchased as an mp3 from official music sale sites such as iTunes, Napster, Virgin, Tesco Music Downloads, 7 Digital, and Wippit.  Otherwise, they can be purchased on the individual artists cd's


The artist above is Chely Wright

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About Us      -    My details

Contact us   -    How to contact me

Summary of dances (Page One) -  Summary of dances in alphabetical order - Tracks found in pages three, four, five, six, seven, and eight (1199 dances)

Line Dance Step Sheets (Page Two) - Line dance steps sheets for some of dances on this site (1077 dance scripts to date) plus links to websites with dance script sheets.

Music from Pianoladynacy (Page Three) - Line dance audio tracks in alphabetical order available from Pianoladynancy website - 190 tracks (all downloadable onto computer)

Music downloadable from MySpace (Page Four) -   Audio tracks for dances which are downloadable from the website - 54 tracks

Music from MySpace (not downloadable (Page Five)  -  Audio tracks for dances from the website  -  48 tracks (playable on computer but not downloadable)

Music from Various websites (Page Six) -  More audio tracks from various other websites  -  313 tracks

Music purchasable as an mp3 (Page Seven) - Other audio tracks which can be purchased as an mp3 from official supplers - 372 tracks

Music from artists or suppliers (Page Eight) - Recording artist audio tracks (including  British artists) which are included on a Compact Disc.  These cd's can be purchased from their own or other websites (i.e. Dean Brothers, Glenn Rogers, Dave Sheriff, The Fables, Mervyn J. Futter, Sean Kenny, Daniel O'Donell and others) - 161 tracks.

Video music (Page Nine) - Video music for tracks not found in audio format -  60 tracks.

Music I am still searching for (Page Ten) - Line Dances for which I am still searching for a website link to listen to or purchase the music (not included in the total under Page One)   -  47 tracks.

Other dancing related websites (Page Eleven) - Other dancing related websites

I have also opened a website of video music for 844 line dances (including 362 line dance step vidoes) and these can be found by clicking on the link listed below:-

Line Dance Music Videos

I have also opened a website of audio music for  197 Western Couple dance numbers (of which 136 can be listened to and links are given to purchase sites for 61 others ) plus links to western partner and couple dance script for 154 numbers. The website can be found by clicking on the link listed below:-

Western Couple Dancer